Archive Ready

Evidence archive ready for public posting.

Cover-Ups Won’t Stop Us

Phoenix Taskforce has completed evidence submissions to all heads of office with the power to investigate long standing incriminating evidence of cover-ups and corruption within the greyhound racing industry.

They were given 14 days to respond, and yes, you guessed it. In classic form none of them have lifted a finger – yet! This time if they try to cover it up they’ll be in for a surprise.

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Pandora’s Box is NOW WIDE OPEN

Find out how these two greyhound trainers, Bill Samuels and Narelle Mulcahy, got off on being jailed and banned for life from greyhound racing after being charged over the discovery of 55 greyhounds carcasses – one of the biggest cases of animal cruelty in Australian greyhound racing history.

The gloves are off, and Pandora’s Box has officially been opened wide on the vile swamp of corruption lying beneath the Greyhound Racing Industry. After putting Doc Jamieson through the wringer of defamation, intimidation, and harassment, all the perpetrators involved in setting him up were warned that if they didn’t tell the truth then this was going to happen. There’s no covering it up any longer. Retribution is at hand, and we’re just getting started.

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