The 4 year impoundment and eventual destruction of these innocent dogs is a wake up call for the people of Australia. Maggie and Max’s exploitation is just one example of the extent Racing Queensland and its associations will go to to destroy the livelihoods of people actively seeking truth and justice.

To prompt investigation the Phoenix Taskforce’s incriminating evidence submissions have already been delivered through every official channel in Australia including to police sergeants and Senators and MPs across the country, the Attorney General’s office, regulatory bodies, the Crime and Corruption Commission, and even the Governor General, but no one has lifted a finger to investigate these crimes of mass animal cruelty in the greyhound racing industry, race fixing enterprising, board stewards’ and other officials’ greyhound ownership concealment, corruption and cover-ups involving cross-industry collusion, and the bullying and harassment of individuals and families working tirelessly to uncover the truth and get justice for the animals.

To prevent more animals like Maggie and Max being exploited and their owners being bullied into silence, the industry must be thoroughly investigated and sanitised and guilty parties prosecuted. With the evidence already at the disposal of authorities these matters should be easy open and shut cases, but they’re not being actioned because key individuals responsible for initiating investigation have a vested interest in the continuation of industry corruption, and they hold positions of power with influence to block investigation.

With your support we can raise our voice to become louder than ever and force these matters to be heard and dealt with accordingly.

Sign and show your support for our calls for:

  1. The cessation of the cruel practice of animal blooding in the training of greyhound racers.
  2. Mass greyhound killings to be uncovered and guilty parties prosecuted.
  3. The exposing of race fixing enterprising and an end to the controlled outcomes of races.
  4. The prosecution of every corrupt board member and their associations who colluded in both the cover-ups of race fixing and the bullying tactics used in attempting to silence those coming forward to expose the truth.
  5. The decisive investigation and actioning of all of the above.

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Maggie and Max: Victims of Systemic Corruption

Wrongfully deemed as dangerous dogs and impounded for an incredible 4  years, before finally being ordered for destruction, Maggie and Max were the victims of intimidation and harassment set upon their owner’s Price Hill and Kate Mitchell, orchestrated by the Racing Queensland organisation by way of their connections and influence within government and councils, industry regulation, law enforcement, and the legal system. To sabotage and dissuade Price’s and Kate’s effective participation in the Phoenix Taskforce’s mission of exposing the corruption of the greyhound racing industry and it’s associations, Maggie and Max were targeted and framed for the killing of an innocent dog on a neighbouring property, resulting in their wrongful 4 year impoundment, and their eventual destruction order by the Gympie Council. There was no substantial evidence to incriminate Maggie and Max, and all evidence supporting Maggie’s and Max’s innocence was deliberately filtered out of QCAT proceedings. Go to for the full story.

Animal Cruelty – Animal Blooding in Greyhound Training

Animal blooding is the torture of small animals such as guinea pigs, chickens, piglets, cats, possums, rabbits, and giveaway pets used as live bait for the training of racing greyhounds. These animals are tied to racing track lures for greyhounds to chase around the track in an effort to stimulate their killer instinct and prey drive as a method of performance enhancement. Greyhounds are rewarded with kills and the animals used as live bait are torn to pieces.

Mass Greyhound Killings

Greyhounds are bred in large quantity to meet the performance demands of trainers and owners, with the vast majority that fail to make the cut during selection tryouts being disposed of in the most cruel and inhumane fashion. Greyhounds that have reached the end of their racing careers, sustained critical injuries, or that show poor performance are also commonly killed and disposed of. Greyhounds are often shot dead and their bodies either buried in mass graves or burned to ash in firepits.

Race Fixing

A wide variety of both performance enhancement and sabotage tactics are employed to give preferred greyhounds the advantage in races. These include doping; the practice of administering performance enhancing substances, nobbling; the drugging of greyhounds to sabotage performance, nailing; inserting sharp objects such as nails or needles into the paw pads of greyhounds causing them to experience pain and discomfort during the race, and a host of other methods to control the outcomes of races, such as the manipulation of starting box arrangement, weight scales tampering, false positive drug testing, and much more.  Honest punters, trainers, and owners have little to no chance of reward for their efforts in humanely developing legitimately competitive greyhounds.

False Names, False Play: How Racing Officials Conceal Their Ownership of Greyhounds

Greyhound racing board stewards and other officials owning greyhounds is an illegal conflict of interest (*see The Rules of Racing of Racing Queensland – Greyhound, rule 75 section 6 & 7*). To circumvent this legislation officials engage in greyhound ownership concealment by having their greyhounds registered in the names of family members, friends, and other connections. To protect and maximise their investments racing officials and their associations are knowingly complicit in the implementation and concealment of all the injustices mentioned above, including the highly profitable enterprise of race fixing. With the help of whistleblowers coming forward, such as Alex Green who has trained over 50 greyhounds for racing board stewards throughout the course of his career, the Phoenix Taskforce has uncovered an overwhelming swathe of malfeasance and racketeering. Go to for more information.  Race fixing in the greyhound racing industry is not a rare or infrequent occurrence, it is the norm. It is a highly profitable enterprise where the vast majority of those responsible for keeping the industry sanitised, as well as their associations, all have their finger in the pie. Corrupt board stewards and officials of Racing Queensland have the biggest stake in the controlled outcomes of races. With their connections in government and councils, industry regulation, law enforcement, and even the legal system, they are afforded the power and influence to maintain this lucrative race fixing enterprise, and to crush almost any threat to its foundations, as was abused to devastating effect with Price Hill and Kate Mitchell and their dogs Maggie and Max.

Transparency Needed: Exposing a National Network of Corruption

The Phoenix Taskforce has been working since 1977 to expose the corruption of the greyhound racing industry across all of Australia. Over 52,000 documents of damning evidence has been garnered over the course of more than 45 years incriminating offenders at every level of the industry and their associations. The Phoenix Taskforce has pursued every possible path to attain justice with the cases of corruption uncovered being reported to every official authority, evidence submitted through every conceivable channel including law enforcement, regulatory agencies, the senate, and even the mainstream media, all in a concerted effort to prompt investigation. At every instance reports have been ignored or redirected, and evidence has been swept under the rug or held as leverage for the personal gain and career advancement of those who’s responsibility it is to investigate matters. Where such measures have been insufficient to keep matters under wraps, abusive and coercive tactics have also been employed to break the resolve of the Phoenix Taskforce and its members including defamation, intimidation, harassment, property destruction and vandalism, and in some cases entire businesses have been destroyed. The injustice of Maggie and Max is just one example of the lengths Racing Queensland and it’s associations will go to in order to protect its enterprise of corruption. Among the recipients of the Phoenix Taskforce reports and evidence submissions, accoutered parties include police sergeants and senators and MPs across all of Australia, the Attorney General’s Office, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC), the Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry (at the time of its commissioning prior to the formation of the QRIC), and the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland (CCC). Most recently on 4th July 2022, was the submission of an evidence package to Commonwealth Parliamentary Services, the offices of both Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Malcom Roberts, and Hugh Carter their Barrister at Law, detailing the events around the setup, wrongful impoundment, and destruction of Maggie and Max, the harassment of their owners Price Hill and Kate Mitchell by the Gympie Regional Council, the collusion between councils, the RSPCA, and Racing Queensland, and the corruption of the magistrate in ignoring critical evidence that would have otherwise seen Maggie and Max freed from impoundment and returned to their homes. In particular this was the 4th submission to Senator Pauline Hanson without any response or indication of any potential investigation.

Demand For Investigation

The signing of this petition confirms the signee’s WILL, as a citizen/person/human being, that the corruption and authorities involved be thoroughly investigated and held accountable (using Doc Jamieson’s evidence that includes other parties) to the full extent of the law within a criminal court. The signee officially makes complaint by way of this support and petition.