Cleaning Up Greyhound Racing Industry Cover-Ups & Corruption

the phoenix taskforce

We are a self funded not-for-profit organisation uncovering and exposing the cover-ups and corruption behind Greyhound Racing.

Our leader John “Doc” Jamieson originally founded the Phoenix Taskforce as a solo endeavour some 45 years ago to bring an end to live animal baiting, greyhounds being killed, and racing board members, stewards and other officials concealing their illegal ownership of greyhounds and rigging races for their own personal gain. 
Doc Jamieson is an animal chiropractic specialist unlike any other, possessing a unique gift for healing paralysed animals. Where other so called “animal chiropractors” failed, and vets advised euthanasia, Doc has gotten paralysed animals on their feet again and back on the road to optimal health. Doc has done this for thousands of animals and continues to provide his unique healing services to owners with animals in need. This work however turned out to not be Doc’s primary vocation in life, and was to serve as the primary means to fund his real work of uncovering and exposing systemic corruption.
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Doc’s gift put him in a unique position leading him down a path into the greyhound racing industry, where he became privy to what is essentially the masonic elitist money swamp.

greyhound racing is not what it seems

On the surface, greyhound racing appears to most people as an industry disconnected, unrelated to the corrupted enterprise hidden within government and corporations. But this industry is actually the elites’ best kept secret, functioning as a primary network hub connecting a masonic hierarchy that spreads across practically every industry. From local racing club committees, to state racing board members, stewards, and officials, to regulatory bodies, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, to council, parliament and the senate, all the way up to the highest levels of government and the office of the Governor General.
This enterprise of corruption spreads out laterally enveloping and corrupting control heads in just about every industry you can think of. In Doc’s story the best example of this would be when the Chiropractors Board of Queensland (now the Chiropractic Board of Australia | AHPRA) was brought in by its connections in the GRA – Greyhound Racing Authority (now Racing Queensland) to stitch up Doc in a lawsuit to tarnish his name and disrupt his racing in an effort to beat him down and thwart his work in exposing corruption. At the time Doc was causing massive disruption to the industry’s race rigging enterprise by producing unbeatable greyhound racers out of discarded death row greyhounds, rescuing them and turning them into champions. Doc also provided chiropractic services and training guidance to other trainers who’s greyhounds were performing poorly and lucky to beat even one other dog to the finish line mostly running last and were no doubt ready to be put down. Doc transformed greyhounds from last placers with very bad form into winners with ordinary form including several track record holders. Doc achieved this with a combination of his animal healing gift, and ice cream reward, proving the futility of live animal baiting. Doc proved that racing injuries become non-existent with good chiropractic health, and he also rehomed every one of his retired racers further proving there was no need for the mass killing or disposal of greyhounds. All this while Doc was working to expose industry corruption, facing harsh adversity being attacked from every angle including an inquiry by the GRA into false allegations complete with manufactured witnesses, assassination attempts and having his animals poisoned resulting in the deaths of 24 of his much loved animal companions, various other forms of intimidation and harassment such as damage and vandalism to his equipment, vehicles, and clinics, having his bank accounts frozen several times, and even having people inserted into Doc’s life to get close and sabotage his work from the inside by disrupting his efforts and deleting evidence.
This kind of covering up of systemic corruption is not only happening here in Australia. It also happens worldwide.
Unlike typical animal advocacy groups, we have no intention of shutting down greyhound racing. With the government being the only shareholder and with billions of dollars of taxpayer money funding the industry nationwide, the sentiment and intention displayed of shutting down the industry is a farce designed to lull the people into a false sense of righteousness and fuel senseless indignation. We know full well, as Doc has irrefutably proven, that greyhound racing can be good, clean, fun natured sport. Despite popular opinion, animals in racing actually love to race. It’s no different to competitors in Olympic or other types of sport with the passion to excel.
For decades Doc has been following official routes submitting his evidence all across Australia to law enforcement, regulatory agency, ministers of parliament, the Crime and Corruption Commission, the media, Attorney Generals, and even direct to the Governor General himself. At every instance Doc has been given the run-around, or has been ignored with his evidence being covered up. In some cases his evidence has been used by those who have received it to leverage the elevation of their own careers, such as in the case of Hon Stirling Hinchcliffe who went from Minister for Transport to Minister for Racing shortly after receiving Doc’s evidence submission and never exposing it, acting on it, or even passing it onto the other authorities while holding office in the Racing Ministry.    
It’s been 45 years of private investigation and undercover work in gathering incriminating evidence to expose and ultimately prosecute those involved in live animal baiting, the killing of greyhounds, racing board stewards and other officials concealing their ownership of greyhounds under false names and fixing races for their own personal gain, and showing how those in authority with the power to change things cover it up. Although these goals may appear small and low level in the grand scheme of things, their successes will have far reaching consequences in cleaning up corruption across industries and well into systems of governance.
Now having assembled a team of dedicated and incorruptible individuals, Doc’s campaign to shed light on systemic corruption has been rebooted in earnest, with the ultimate goal of instigating a Royal Commission into the Cover-ups and Corruption of the Greyhound Racing Industry and their Government Connections in Australia.