Pandora’s Box is NOW WIDE OPEN

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Find out how these two greyhound trainers, Bill Samuels and Narelle Mulcahy, got off on being jailed and banned for life from greyhound racing after being charged over the discovery of 55 greyhounds carcasses – one of the biggest cases of animal cruelty in Australian greyhound racing history.

The gloves are off, and Pandora’s Box has officially been opened on the vile swamp of corruption lying beneath the Greyhound Racing Industry. After putting Doc Jamieson through the wringer of defamation, intimidation, and harassment, all the perpetrators involved in setting him up were warned that if they didn’t tell the truth then this was going to happen. There’s no covering it up any longer. Retribution is at hand, and we’re just getting started.

  • For every animal and greyhound without a voice
  • For every honest greyhound owner, trainer, or punter who’s ever had their voice silenced
  • For every person with their hands tied in law enforcement, in council, in regulation, in every level of government
  • For anyone who just wants to see the corruption cleaned out of the greyhound racing industry and all the systems propping it up

When no one else could or would do it, Doc refused to be silenced, and he put himself on the front line, withstanding everything that’s ever been thrown at him.

Because if he didn’t, we wouldn’t have all the evidence we have now, and we’d never have been able to expose how real and how deep the swamp of corruption is, hiding beneath greyhound racing.

And now, under the surface of greyhound racing, the wheels have come off the wagon. The swamp of corruption is drying up and all of the cockroaches, and parasites living there have run out of places to hide.

For every animal and greyhound lost, for every cover-up, and every voice they’ve ever tried to silence, the time has come, to pay the piper.

There’s no need to be afraid to speak up anymore, because Doc’s already done all hard work so that we could open Pandora’s Box and take it all public, and they’ve got nothing left to throw at him.

So, if you, have been victim of intimidation, harassment, or having your voice silenced, don’t, allow, corruption, to silence your voice anymore. Get in touch with us,, and stand together with us to clean up greyhound racing in Australia in 2023, once and for all.

Help us clean up the industry by signing the petition, and add the weight of your voice to the push for a Royal Commission into the cover-ups and corruption of the Greyhound Racing Industry and all of it’s Government and other connections:

As promised in the video, below is the link to where you can view and/or download the transcript of the first hearing of the false inquiry. We will be updating the archive ongoing with further documentation and evidence of cover-ups and corruption in the Greyhound Racing Industry.

Evidence Archive Link:

phoenix taskforce petition

Your voice adds invaluable weight to the push for a Royal Commission into the cover-ups and corruption of the Greyhound Racing Industry and their government connections. The animals and the greyhounds deserve better. Sign the petition to show your support.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the full petition terms.

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