False Inquiry Breakdown – Part 2

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When the GRA’s first false inquiry on Doc Jamieson turned into a circus, they had no choice but to shut the inquiry down before it blew up in their faces.

The false witnesses were incompetent, and the inquiry chairman was even worse, so the GRA had to replace them all, and launched a brand new false inquiry to try and silence Doc.

But even with a fresh coat of paint, underneath it all nothing had changed, and 16 years later it’s all falling to pieces.

The truth always comes out in the wash, no matter how long it takes.

Sick of innocent animals being slaughtered so greyhound trainers can get the slightest edge? Tired of greyhounds being executed by the dozen because they couldn’t make the cut? Had enough of being shafted because you’re punting in a rigged game? Add your weight to the push for industry reform by signing the petition at https://phoenixtaskforce.org/petition.

The animal kingdom has had enough, and we have too. This won’t end until the truth has been fully revealed, and natural justice has been served.

phoenix taskforce petition

Your voice adds invaluable weight to the push for a Royal Commission into the cover-ups and corruption of the Greyhound Racing Industry and their government connections. The animals and the greyhounds deserve better. Sign the petition to show your support.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the full petition terms.

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