False Inquiry Breakdown – Part 1

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Has there ever been a more blatant denial of natural justice than this?

Diving deep into the first hearing of the false inquiry in which Doc Jamieson was framed for being an ultimate threat to the corruption of the greyhound racing industry, we pull apart the inquiry transcript piece by piece to reveal the GRA’s (Greyhound Racing Authority) corrupted conduct and abhorrent denial of natural justice.

Standing up for the animals and the greyhounds, and speaking the truth, Doc has been targeted by the GRA since 1999 for threatening to expose the race rigging enterprise facilitated by corrupted GRA officials concealing their ownership of greyhounds in false names and fixing races for their own gain. But Doc will not be silenced!

After facilitating Animals Australia’s exposure of live animal baiting through the Four Corners media release, and prompting the Queensland Greyhound Racing Commission of Inquiry in 2015, resulting in the reformation of the GRA into the now Racing Queensland Organisation and the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, the race rigging enterprise continues!

Sign the petition at https://phoenixtaskforce.org, and help us bust open the damn of truth to unleash a deluge of systemic reform to clean up the swamp of corruption hidden beneath the greyhound racing industry and its government and other connections.

False Inquiry 3rd July 2007 Transcript: https://phoenixtaskforce.org/wp-content/evidence-archive/false-inquiry/QGRA-False-Inquiry-Doc-Jamieson-3-July-2007.pdf

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Your voice adds invaluable weight to the push for a Royal Commission into the cover-ups and corruption of the Greyhound Racing Industry and their government connections. The animals and the greyhounds deserve better. Sign the petition to show your support.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the full petition terms.

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